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Non-lethal defence is a highly-effective, affordable alternative.

There are no licenses required – which means immediate protection.

Duke is a leading innovator in the manufacture and distribution of non-lethal defence systems. Our vision is to transform the global conflict landscape, preserving life through the use of ground-breaking, effective non-lethal solutions instead of lethal force. Duke distributes and manufactures their own 0.68 caliber projectiles — pepper, high-impact solid, and rubber. Duke has their own range of custom-made bullet-resistant vests.

Duke has proudly developed and patented the Pepper Storm and Sonic Boom throwables as proudly South African products. “Our intention from the start was to offer a non-lethal solution.”

who are we

With the ever-changing global political and economic sphere, our view of security too must change. Globally there is an urgent call for peacekeeping, security, stability, counter-terrorism, and counterinsurgency initiatives that seek to preserve life while protecting human rights.

Locally, non-lethal alternatives as a viable response to crime, peacekeeping efforts, and security are no less important. There is a crucial need for non-lethal alternatives that prevent the loss of life and damage to infrastructure and property.

In placing emphasis on these alternatives, and continuous investment in research and development, Duke Defence hopes that the need to use lethal force will diminish.

Our mission is to provide ordinary individuals and security forces worldwide with an effective means of neutralizing conflict situations while preserving life. Our company is committed to the development of new products and the improvement of existing products.

We believe in directing resources to the most valuable investment – research and development – ensuring that we exceed expectations for effectiveness, quality, and design.

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