Pepper Balls

Why choose a Pepper balls over a firearm?

It is compulsory to obtain a licence before you purchase a firearm. This lengthy and rigorous process includes: Successfully undergoing the required training at an accredited training institution to obtain a training proficiency certificate. The Firearms Control Act includes stringent checks as part of this process. The submission of compulsory application forms, the training proficiency certificate and supporting documents to the designated firearms officer (DFO).

Once your application is approved, you are required to install a firearm safe, which meets the standards set by the South African Bureau of Standards, within 14 days. The DFO will then carry out a physical inspection of your premises to ascertain that you have met the requirements for a safe. Besides the duration and costs involved in this process, there is a backlog in firearm license applications.

If you do shoot a perpetrator in an act of self-defence, there are various requirements that must be met before the act of self-defence is considered lawful in the eyes of the courts. This means that you could end up imprisoned merely for defending yourself or your property. Non-lethal defence is a highly effective, affordable alternative.

There are no licenses required – which means immediate protection. Duke Defence is one of the largest producers of pepperballs globally, producing the Duke Pepperball locally. The Duke Pepperball is the most potent on the market, combining kinetic impact, psychological shock, and natural capsaicin powder to irritate and gain compliance. The powder infiltrates the sensory system of an assailant, incapacitating the assailant for at least 15 minutes.

The Duke Pepperball is a .68 caliber round which includes a potent active compound, rendering it the most powerful pepperball on the market. The powder infiltrates the sensory system of an assailant, incapacitating the assailant for at least 15 minutes. To complement the pepperball system, Duke Defence distributes a comprehensive range of gas guns.

Kinetic Impact
Kinetic impact refers to the impact of a projectile as a result of the force with which it is fired. Gas guns have a greater muzzle velocity to project the pepperball, and offer a longer-range, more user-friendly way to disperse the pepperballs. This also ensures that the pepperball hits – and stops – a target in his tracks.

Psychological Shock
The psychological shock of hearing shots fired, combined with the kinetic impact of the pepper ball projectiles, contributes to the effect of the pepper balls.

Sensory incapacitation
By infiltrating the sensory system of an assailant, the capsaicin powder incapacitates an assailant for up to 20 minutes. For that period, an assailant’s lung capacity, breathing, and sight are severely compromised.

The pepper ball is also an irritant to the skin, nose, and eyes. The physiological impact on an assailant includes coughing uncontrollably, an intense burning sensation in the eyes and on the skin, and, in some instances, vomiting.

The combination of these three – kinetic impact, psychological shock and sensory incapacitation – effectively immobilizes a suspect, allowing adequate time for the suspect to be apprehended.

At Duke, we pay utmost attention to detail and effectiveness in ensuring the reliability and consistency of each pepper ball made.

Duke ammunition includes:

  • Powder practice rounds
  • Rubber rounds – High kinetic transfer (Military Spec)
  • Pepper rounds – Military Spec (PAVA up to 5% strength)
  • Water Filled training rounds
  • Pepper rounds – Military Spec (OC up to 1.5 % strength
  • High-impact solid rounds -Military Spec