Bulletproof Vests

Bulletproof Vests

For those who put their life on the line


Our Duke Bulletproof Vests are a great alternative to the traditional concealable vest which gives you front and back protection as well as providing good ventilation and reduces heat build-up. Minimizing weight and maximizing comfort and maneuverability, without compromising protection is our primary objective.


The ballistic material used for this product is approximately fifteen times stronger than steel. It is not only ultra-lightweight but extraordinarily tough, with superior properties, helping minimize blunt trauma impact from high-load strain-rate velocities. Other important properties of the ballistic material include:

  • High resistance to chemicals, and UV light
  • Low dielectric constant makes it virtually transparent to radar
  • Light enough to float
  • Highly resistant to flex fatigue
  • Waterproof
  • Stab resistant for sharp instruments

Each armoured garment consists of independent panels and a liner. Once all the panels are incorporated into the garment the wearer has full front, back, and side protection, thus minimizing the threat of injury to vital organs. We don’t use the conventional ARAMID fibres as they are heavier than the UHMPWE – Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene which we are using to manufacture our Duke soft ballistic inner.

Cleaning: The ease of removing the ballistic panels allows for easy and proper cleaning of the garment and liner.


Our soft body armour panels conform to SABS – SANS1658:2007 standard and has been successfully tested by the SABS ballistic laboratory in Pretoria for an equivalent international NIJ Standard 01.01.04 Level 2 and 3A protection, depending on your requirement. Reports are available at your request.

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